What We Do

Our methodology leverages the driver’s model, and ensures that everyone owns the plan…and the results!

We deliver insights beyond the video and summaries to improve understanding of your stakeholders and their opinions.

No matter what the problem, we can help your group reach consensus on the best way to move everyone forward.

Lead your group through an agenda to accomplish things you never thought possible.

We can help you understand how you communicate and what others are hearing from you.

From war games to hypothetical launches of new products, we can help you anticipate all the possibilities.

We can plan and run any gathering to make it memorable and informative for your participants.

We can teach anyone how to be effective at leading a group, even when they are not the leader!

Core Team Member

Our principal, Diana Gurwicz, is a core team member for Leadership Strategies Inc., the global leader in facilitation services and training.  She has earned certifications in the Effective Facilitator, Advanced Faciliation, Facilitating Strategy, and DiSC.