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Acrux Consulting is dedicated to the power of people to find new and better solutions to business problems. Let us help you develop your people and give you the very best outcomes from all of your most important meetings and strategy sessions.
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Diana R. Gurwicz

About Diana R. Gurwicz

Drawing upon more than 25 years of consulting and facilitation expertise, Diana Gurwicz has successfully guided clients across diverse industries worldwide, elevating their performance, revitalizing their organizations, and optimizing their processes, ultimately enabling them to not only excel, but to transform the landscape in their respective environments.
Diana founded Acrux Consulting LLC in 2009 to help clients leverage the power of people as collaborative forces of excellence, an area where traditional consulting models fail. Her career experience with facilitation extends from board level retreats to corporate training and spans topics ranging from strategic planning, sales, marketing effective to product development processes and global technology rollouts. She has performed a significant amount of facilitation and consulting work in the areas of organizational and design and has worked with several corporate and non-profit entities to help them find ways to attract, retain, and develop talent that better reflect their global clientele.
Diana has also spent significant time working within the government sector, helping people and teams become more efficient and effective in their daily meetings, assisting departments with strategic planning activities, and helping groups navigate the personnel difficulties related to major transitions. Diana has used her facilitation and consulting skills to assist global for profit and non-profit organizations design optimal organization structures, win the war for (global) talent, develop strategic plans (with assured implementation) and identify and employ greater efficiencies in operations and fundraising.
Diana received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and her MBA from the Wharton School of Finance and Economics. She is certified through ACMP as a Change Management Professional, and holds an SCP-HR from SHRM. In addition, Diana is an accomplished writer and public speaker, and has given multiple talks on Dealing with Dysfunction, Strategic Decision Making, Strategic Planning and Artificial Intelligence in Facilitation.