Minding the Gap between Strategy and Implementation

You’ve spent 3 days in an offsite, perhaps 3 months in total crafting the plan. You took the right amount of time to frame your current position, you laid out a vision that was compelling and aspirational, and, if you used the Driver’s Model TM from Leadership Strategies, you have identified strategies that deal with

You’ve landed that role, whether at a new company or you finally got that promotion. You are excited to begin and more importantly, to show that you deserve the trust that leadership has placed in you. So, what do you do first? After working with executives for more than 30 years, both in teams and

Meetings are an essential channel for making better decisions and getting things done. If you don’t like wasting time in boring, unproductive meetings, read on! Every meeting should focus on achieving an outcome. Most people would say theirs do. Whether we are striving for alignment around one decision or the creation of a series of